Haro Cruiser 3i Banana Yellow Ladie’s

The Zimzala Molly Cruiser is a casual cruise around the neighborhood or to the coffee shop. Haro designed the Zimzala cruisers for free-spirited, easy-going souls like you. Everything about the Zimzala Molly, from the lightweight aluminum frame to the Shimano coaster brake, is designed to be worry-free. The Molly even features 3-speed Shimano Nexus gearing to lend a hand on hills and fenders to keep your best duds clean. With color choices galore your Zimzala will get you around town and express your unique style.

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  • Rust-free aluminum Zimzala ladies cruiser frame
  • Three speed internal geared coaster brake rear hub
  • Full fenders with custom curved brackets
  • Rust-free anodized aluminum rims
  • Kenda cruiser tires
  • 15-inch step through frame

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